What Video Editing Software Do YouTuber’s Use?

What Video Editing Software Do YouTuber’s Use?

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There have been a  tons of questions to find out the perfect software to create proper videos for a YouTube channel. Lots of our visitors are asking Video Editing Software do YouTuber’s Use?

The best answer to this question is YouTube video makers are working with wide range of professional editing software. They range from the free, online to the professional and paid; the basic to the more advanced commercial types; so you would get a comprehensive response if you were to take a survey.

What Video Editing Software do YouTuber’s Use?

I have been using a lots of video editing software for creating marketing, promotional and advertising videos. However, YouTube videos are little different than those. Although, the basic of the creating videos remains the same, youtubers like easy editing option for their quick videos. To learn what video editing software do youTuber’s use, you need to read the details on this issue.

What I used to Use for YouTube Videos

Personally, I used Corel Video Studio to make my videos. And it’s not for any particular reason that I use Corel. It’s simply because it’s the one I had in the drawer when I decided it was time to start creating videos to promote my websites.

I didn’t create any of that fancy, bells and whistles type of videos. Just had to keep it necessary and now that I think about it, I probably would have been fine with a free basic program like Windows Movie Maker. I guess the problem would come when I wanted to take it to the next level and unleash the Spielberg in me.

Free Video Editing Software for YouTube

I don’t have any says against using free and online video editing software by the way. Thousands of YouTube marketers use free software to create good videos. I’d use one too. But, if you are serious about creating professional videos with stunning effects and clips, then I’d say invest in a high-end product like CyberLink Power Director.

And prices have come down recently too. For a decent video editing software program that includes at least 100 transitions, 40 tracks, 100 effects it doesn’t cost much. That price will ensure you get an easy-to-use, powerful video editing program that provides professional-level results.

If you choose to take the freeway…here’s what you should expect to get:

  • A video editor that will give you the ability to drag and drop a few clips onto the program
  • Capacity to work with many file formats, though not all of them
  • Some transitions and special effects to help you make decent home videos
  • Upload to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and others from within the software
  • Trimming clips and applying a few basic options
  • And a few other simple tricks

So you see, free video editors are not bad after all. It all depends on what your goals are.

Professional Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

For your YouTube video production projects, I recommend the following video editors:

Explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio Video Creator is one of simplest and easiest video creating application available on the market. This software comes with lots of features, special effects and transitions to convert any video in a professional looking videos. Explaindio Video Creator

It has whiteboard animation tool to make explainer videos that can create attractive videos. It can gain traffic very easily. You can also utilize the powerful, yet super easy 2d animation feature of Explaindio and thousands of themes of this software to create catchy videos.

The main positive of the Explaindio video creator is it can convert any story into a visual very easily. If you are looking to make unique high quality videos for your YouTube channel, then Explaindio is the perfect software to go for.

CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink Power Director has been rated as the best video editing software. That’s not surprising considering all the features and tools packed in this program.

It enables you to trim video clips easily. And you can also add audio and still images.CyberLink PowerDirector

Another effective tool is the ability to string your movies together complete with transitions, effects and a lot more.

If you need a little help using CyberLink, you can combine with hundreds of other users in their online community and share techniques with others to produce quality films.

Beware, though! The number of resources your PC has will determine how well the software works. You may experience crashes if you don’t have a lot of resources and are using lots of files and have many transitions and effects.

Corel Video Studio Pro

Second in our list of top video editing software packages is Corel Video Studio Pro. This outstanding product helps you to create stunning 3D movies. It allows you to insert text, add effects like time lapse and adjust the volume on all your video clips.

This program is brimming with tools, and it supports many file formats for importing and exporting. So creating professional movies with Corel Video Studio will be easy.

But Corel lacks a user forum that many video editors find useful for help and support. Overall, though, it’s an excellent video editing software program, and we recommend it for creating YouTube videos.

Final Words on Video Editing Software for Youtube

There are dozens of other products to choose, both paid and free, but the products we’ve listed above feature prominently in reviews and ratings. It’s unlikely that you’d be disappointed with the quality of work you produce with these video editing programs. And that’s because they carry the best features and tools.

There are many other video editing software for the YouTube marketers and they can create great videos. But we picked our list reviewing the effects, transitions and hundred other factors. It will be perfect to consider the features of these video editors in picking your perfect match.

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