Packing Luggage Tips for a Video Editor

As a video editor, I want every quick opportunity to do my works. I utilize all the time I save from other chores and invest it to my editing. I love traveling a lot, to be honest. But, packing luggage is one of the time-consuming facts that makes me insensitive towards traveling. So, I am here going to provide the packing luggage tips for the online freelancers and especially the video editors.

And being a video editor, you have to carry a lot of gadgets like heavy laptop and other devices that help you editing videos on the traveling hours.

Well, to the first couple of years of my profession, I did not travel a lot, due to the hassle of packing and unpacking. Nevertheless, later on, I learned the trick, luckily an easier way. Therefore, I am here to share my experience on how to pack your luggage like a pro after choosing the right bag for the trip.

Packing Luggage Tips for Video Editing Experts

Travelling can be fun and stressful at the same time. You may feel like you want to carry every important gadget of video editing with you in that short or long trip. Well, the secret lies in knowing which bag or suitcase suites the journey and how to pack everything fit. Especially to keep the camera, video recorder, high-end laptop in a safe way.

Evidently, the luggage market is highly competitive and what you have to focus on is getting something that speaks value to you as a client.

Select the right bag

First and foremost, start by selecting the most appropriate bag for your travel expedition. It is crucial to understand your trip, your destination and what you are likely to encounter during the journey. Packing for a hike is totally different from packing for a business conference. And also, if you want to carry the gadgets, the bag should provide better safety.

The right bag should be light even when packed you should be able to lift it without falling. You do not want everyone to be looking weirdly at you when that bag falls on their lap. For that conference, a bag with an accessible laptop section is ideal. You will not stress yourself when you want to use your laptop, and it will be easier to return it once you are done.

Create a list before your day of departure

Often people seem to forget what they wanted to carry. You do not want to reach where you are going with a sad face after forgetting to bring along that pair of shoes. And for a video editor or any other freelance worker, forgetting the important stuff might be a problem.

I know it may not be easy, but a list works magic. Additionally, throughout the days you will remember those essential items for your travel.

Roll everything

When packing ensure that you roll almost everything. Not only is it a life hack but it is a must. Rolling creates space, and you can actually carry almost everything you want. Roll your clothes and slot them vertically and watch as you carry light luggage.

Editing Laptop fitting in luggage

Additionally, to enjoy a light luggage pack garments that serve multiple purposes. By multiple purposes, I mean that jacket that can easily turn into a travel pillow or pants that can be used as shorts. You will notice the above will be helpful along the trip.

Pack your clothes inside out

I know it may seem weird, but it is actually a way of preventing wrinkles and stains. It will be hard to stain your white clothes just in case of debris. How you look is important. You need to avoid instances where you walk in looking like a clown just because you did not pack right.

Pack toiletries in a separate hag

For those traveling by plane, you will notice at some airports they pay attention to toiletries and liquids. You want them to be within their reach, so you do not have to spend a lot of time in the airport. Thus, it is highly recommended they are separate and within reach.

Additionally, pack a second set of items such as toothbrush to be on the safer side. Remember to use a cling film to prevent liquids from messing up everything. Add a layer of cling film before placing the lid. The above applies mostly to those liquids you have already used.

Essential items should be in your carry-on bag

By essential items, we mean passports, identification cars, money, credit cards among other valuables. We need you to be safe in case of anything. I believe most if not all of you have heard stories of luggage getting lost in an airport.

Well, sometimes something may just happen, and you can imagine the feeling of losing your luggage alongside important documents or items. To eliminate instances of double frustration you should pack the items in a separate carry-on back. You do not have to carry a number of bags though prevention is better than cure as they say.

To eliminate instances of double frustration you should pack the items in a separate carry-on back. Preventing any hassle of packaging will also, calm your head let you plan video editing perfectly.  With saying that, you do not have to carry a number of bags though prevention is better than cure as they say. And also, do not forget to keep external memory card and portable hard disk if you want to have an extra space for capturing the travel.

Establish what you need and re-evaluate your selection

For you to carry lightweight luggage, you need to re-evaluate what you need. Get rid of those items you pack saying “just in case I need this.” You will notice by saying that you are subjecting yourself to carrying more than you wanted or can.

Surprisingly, you will discover that you did not need them on the trip. When packing your clothes do a countdown. Pack two tops for every bottom this will help you to streamline your wardrobe for that journey. Modify your travel list according to your needs and the nature of the trip. You do not have to carry your entire wardrobe. The lighter, the better.

If possible wash your clothes while on the trip

It may not apply in all cases but trust it sure does help. Especially, if you are going to edit videos on the trips, a fresh clothing will refresh your head to edit videos perfectly.

If you get the chance to do laundry, do not shy away from it. Additionally, if you are in an area or a hotel offering laundry services, then that’s even much better. You will not have to walk around with dirty clothes, and you can repeat most of your outfits. Also, those stains will not stick just because you are on vacation.


For those who did not know your packing luggage actually speaks. By speak I mean it tells a lot about you. One will know what kind of a person you are by merely taking a look at your travel bag. You do not want them to go on thinking you are messy and clumsy. You can avoid all that by packing right. Know your limits and avoid additional baggage fees.

Ensure you know and understand the baggage allowance before you travel. It will help you in your planning. This guide will assist you next time you are on a business trip or vacation. You do not have to sweat because everything depends on your luggage. The tips help you to maximize on space and to carry a lightweight whether you are going on a two weeks trip or a two-year trip.

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