Metal Detectors Information with Videos

Are you one of those people who gets excited when it comes to discovering treasures? Clearly, this becomes possible with the use of metal detectors. Metal detectors can be used to uncover treasured relics that are buried underground. However, finding the proper metal detector can be tough without proper metal detectors information and guide.

It is important to find the right one for better performance. So, you need to learn some valuable information, about the metal detectors and you need to learn how to properly use it.  The science behind metal detectors are based on electromagnetism and this technology uses electromagnetic fields to detect metallic objects.

They are usually found in a variety of hand-held, walk-through, and vehicle-mounted models. Metal detectors react to surface area and not to mass. Thus, a flat coin has a larger signal compared to a coin on its edge.

Metal Detectors Guide with Videos

Smart technology is used in military and security services to help keep the world safe by discovering knives, guns, and buried mines.

Where are metal detectors used?

Metal detectors are used to look for hidden metallic objects in places such as airports, courthouses, public schools, and other guarded spaces. This makes sure no weapons are brought to these premises. Metal detectors are also used to hunt for hidden landmines, archaeological artifacts, and other valuables.

They are also useful for detecting metallic objects in the construction industry. Because of metal detectors, people are given an opportunity to discover some hidden treasures that are kept overtime.

How to Use Metal Detectors Correctly

  1. Ask for assistance in case it is your first time to use a metal detector. Read the manual thoroughly and make time to study and find out how this device works.


  1. Make time to practice with this device until you become familiar with the sounds that this technology makes.


  1. Train your ear in hearing the different beeps of the metal detector. You can place a gold ring and penny on the ground and slowly run the device over both of them. Listen for the different sounds these two produces.


  1. Learn to navigate exactly where the artifact is. Narrow down carefully where the artifact is before digging it up. Not knowing this carefully can make your digging process longer.


  1. Wear headphones when you are treasure hunting so that you can enhance the whole experience.

Tips for Metal Detector Enthusiasts

  1. If you are looking for a treasure, expect that you will find more trash. Throughout your search for hidden treasures, you will most probably encounter a lot of junks. Just keep searching and never give up.


  1. The more time you search, the more you will find. If you are persistent in using these metal detectors, there will be a great possibility of finding something that is really amazing.


  1. Invest on the best metal detector that you can afford. Even on a small budget, you can find a good metal detector that comes with quality.

Metal Detectors Information & Buying Guide Video

Check out the buying guide video of metal detector below. Although most of the videos are done poorly due to the lack of resolution and video editing expertise, you can still find out the proper information out of them.

  1. If you are into relic hunting, look for some local hotspots such as libraries, city halls, and local historians.


  1. Avoid times when traffic is at the highest especially when you are searching in public places. You may end up with a crowd and spend more time in answering questions than searching for a treasure.


  1. Dig everything up because it is nearly impossible to detect if a signal is a junk or a treasure. You never want to miss something amazing so it is better to dig everything.


  1. If you are a starter, consider starting in your own backyard or in a deserted place near your home. It will allow you to play with the settings and helps you to determine what works best.


  1. Return and cover up the holes that you made after you are finished with digging. Never leave trash behind. Be respectful to the people and the land or you might no longer be welcome the next time you return there.



  1. Carry a big sack in order to place anything that you can find. Even if you dig a junk, take it still with you and don’t leave those behind.


  1. Choose the best timing within the day to look for treasures. Early morning or late in the evening can be a very great time because this will reduce the chances of big groups of people that will try to run you off.


A Quick Guide to Buy a Metal Detector

It is important to invest in a brand name metal detector that is already popular. Think of it as a great investment. Buy those brands that have already established a reputation in the market. You can search for reviews on metal detecting communities such as Garrett, or Bounty Hunter. Doing a thorough research and reading related blogs can update you on the top metal detector brands in the metal detector industry.

Metal detectors can be purchased at various places like department stores, pawn shops, or antique shops. Some people choose to buy their device at online auction sites such as eBay so that they can get a great deal.


Many people invest in metal detectors to find hidden relics and treasures. In order to get your money’s worth in investing in this device, you must first know how to use it. And I hope this metal detector information guide with informative youtube videos will also help you to understand this device properly.

Taking to time to read and study how this device works should be a top priority if you really want to take metal detecting seriously. With correct usage and right intentions, treasure hunting can be an exciting thing to do, thanks to metal detectors that make the hunting easier.

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