Invaluable Parenting Hacks for New Moms and Dads

If you’re the proud mom or dad of a little bundle of joy, you may be a little overwhelmed with all of your new responsibilities. If you want to ensure that your new life as a mom or dad goes as smoothly as possible, simply continue reading to discover a variety of invaluable parenting hacks, that you’ll wish you had found sooner.


Tips for when you’re out and about, with a baby in tow

Sometimes, life changes with the profession. And if you are into the profession like video editing, graphic designing, then managing the life can be a bit different from other people. In this situation, you need a better parenting guide for your baby.

  1. Pack a spare set of clothes for yourself

It’s well worth packing a spare set of clothes in your double stroller or in your car. This is needed in case your baby vomits on you. As much as you love your baby, the last thing you want to do is walk around for the rest of the day with poop or vomit on your shirt. It’s also well worth packing a miniature bottle of hand sanitizer or a packet of wet wipes, to clean yourself up.


  1. Make sure that your diaper bag is always packed and ready to go

Once you’ve fed and dressed your baby, you’ll find it far easier to grab your car keys. And then, get out the front door if you’ve pre-packed your baby’s diaper bag. You may want to pre-pack your diaper bag with daily essentials such as diapers, baby powder, a bottle, a blanket. This will help, when your baby is taking a nap.


  1. Avoid running errands during the hottest part of the day

During the hot summer months, it’s definitely advisable to keep your baby out of the sun between 10 is and 2 pm. As babies have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to getting sunburnt. Instead plan to complete your errands such as catching up with friends, in the morning or late afternoon. Remember, babies who overheat will also cry out as they have no way to cool themselves down. Unlike adults, babies are unable to find shelter or take off layers, if they overheat.

  1. When possible, take your partner or a friend with you

It’s far easier for two people to take care of a baby than one. As an example, if you have a companion with you, they’ll be able to hold your baby whilst you go to the bathroom or purchase some food to eat. So, if you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed, simply refer back to this handy guide and you’ll be sure to find good parenting hacks, that will help you get back on top of your parenting game.

Invaluable parenting hacks for new moms and dads: A new parent’s guide to surviving life with a baby in tow Tips on how to care for a newborn baby:

  1. Make sure to support your baby’s head and neck

When you pick your baby up, ensure that your babies head and neck are supported. This is necessary as newborn babies have relatively floppy necks. As it takes a few months for your baby’s neck muscles to develop.

  1. Get into the habit of burping your baby after they’ve eaten

Whether you have chosen to breastfeed your baby or to provide your baby with formula, remember to burp your baby gently after they’ve


finished suckling. As if your baby has taken in excess air, your baby may suffer from stomach problems such as colic pain.

  1. Invest in a high-quality baby monitor

A mom or dad’s work is never done. Even when your baby is sleeping in their crib, it pays to be vigilant as you don’t want your baby to fall asleep on their stomach as a baby is unable to turn themselves over onto their back and may run the risk of choking.

It’s well worth opting for a baby monitor which boasts a camera as it will allow you to see exactly how your little one is doing.

  1. Make sure that your baby’s crib isn’t cluttered with unnecessary items

As an example, make sure that your baby’s crib is clear of toys and clothes as they pose choking habits. Instead, rely on a hanging mobile to keep your little one entertained.

When it comes to blankets, if it’s cold enough that your little one needs a light blanket, make sure that it remains tucked into your babies crib and that it only reaches your baby’s chest. Your babies head, shoulders and neck should remain uncovered at all times.


Tips to help you effectively manage time for video editors:

If you are into video editing or in some kinds of job like online marketing, then maintaining a schedule with the baby can be little difficult. Here is, how you can save time with your new baby.

  1. Give online shopping a go

Some parent barely slept and can’t bear the thought of pushing a crying baby through a packed grocery store or mall. In that case, do yourself a favor and purchase your groceries online.


  1. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of family, friends, and neighbors

You may be tempted to handle your parenting responsibilities on your own. But, the sooner you learn to accept help from well-meaning family members and friends, the easier your life will be.


As an example, it’s for the good of your baby to let your mom or dad, bond with their grandchild, whilst you go to the gym for an hour or shop for new clothes.


Tips on how to get adequate shut-eye:

  1. Take it in turns to attend to your baby during the middle of the night

In many households, either mom or dad will get into the habit of soothing a crying baby. However, it’s far smarter to alternate the responsibility of soothing a crying baby, each night for two-parent household . As doing so will ensure that both you and your partner will get enough shut-eye to cope with a busy, demanding week. As a bonus, splitting this task will allow both you and your partner to bond with your child.

invaluable parenting hacks for video editors

  1. Parenting hacks for sleeping

While you may not feel like sleeping at 3 pm if you learn to nap when your baby naps. Also, you’ll catch up on sleep that you may have missed out on. By the way, did you know that studies have shown a lot of things. Like that a 30-minute power nap can drastically increase your energy levels, memory, and cognitive abilities?


  1. If all else fails, take your baby for a short drive around the block

If your baby refuses to drift off to the land of nod, simply buckle your baby into their car seat and take them for a drive around the block. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly your baby will fall asleep.

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