How to Make a Youtube Video Easily and Make Moneys

How to Make a Youtube Video Easily and Make Moneys

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There are many ways to make money from the internet. Some of them are very easy like making money on YouTube, and some of them come with hard work. The Internet has brought many options to the people to earn money. You just have to be little smart to exploit those ideas.One of easiest ways to make money is learning how to make a YouTube video and making money on it.

You can make beautiful videos and share them on your channel and earn money. If you are intelligent, you can make some catchy videos to attract the visitors and make hundreds a day with some simple videos.

Why is YouTube Earning So lucrative?

The biggest benefit of YouTube earning is, you do not have to buy the domain and hosting to share information. You can just create your own channel free and start video blogging without paying a cent.

Also, YouTube is one of the most popular websites around the world. Millions of people visit Youtube for different purposes. If you can create a popular content, you will not have to market it to get visitors. People will find your video and watch it.

You have a great chance to earn from the first day. If you can pick a popular subject and create videos on that, people will find you from the “suggestion video” bar and watch it automatically. They will like it and share it, and other people will come to see the video. With a lot of views, you can start earning for the first day.

Creating Adsense account is very easy for the YouTube channel. Getting AdSense approval is way lot easier if you apply through a YouTube channel.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

There are many ways you can start making money from Youtube. Internet marketer from the different parts of the world use Youtube for various purposes; some are directly earning, and some use it to attract visitors. Let’s see how we can make money on Youtube.

AdSense Earning:

You can apply for Google Adsense and start earning through monetization. The Adsense will show different ads on the Youtube videos. You can earn with the impression or the clicks from the users.

Most of the people are earning with Google Ad-sense. It is one of the easier ways to earn money. You do not have to make a broad strategy to earn with this method. You just have to pick a popular subject and share video information.

Affiliate Marketing

If you get a little smart and have a proper plan, then earning from affiliate network can be very easy for you. Also, the amount will be very attractive through affiliate marketing. Many marketplaces offer affiliate income to promote their product. Once you share the products, and people buy it from the link, you will earn a commission. You can watch the video below to learn more.

You just need to select a product or niece and start sharing information about the product. You can share videos by learning how to make a Youtube video from this article. You can put the affiliate URL in the description section and suggest people to buy the products. Both Youtube visitors and individuals from Google will find your video and buy products.


This article will describe the most easy way to make a YouTube video. We will also show the way how to make money on YouTube by some simple Technics.


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Upload Unique YouTube Videos

To make money with YouTube, you need to upload videos. But your videos will have to be unique on most of the time. You cannot just download other video and upload it to your channel. Youtube smart robots will find that videos instantly and prevent you from earning from those.

Sometimes copying videos can get your channel banned from the Youtube community. So, it is important to create unique videos. The easiest way to do is to find a video editing software and create videos on the specific topic and make moneys on them.How to Make a Youtube Video Instantly

How to Create YouTube Videos with Explaindio Video Creator

There are many professional top video editors to do editing. It will be good to choose easy video editing software. One of the attractive, easy video editing software is Explaindio video creator. You can make thousands of videos with Explaindio and make money on YouTube very easily. If you don’t like this editor, you can use other easy video editing software.

I found Explaindio a great tool for creating videos on the particular topic. You can easily make a video and get attentions. Here I am going to discuss on creating easy videos by Explaindio video Creator. [quick_offer]

Create YouTube Videos with other Video Editing Software

There are different video editing software for doing in depth video editing. If you are professional video editor, having vast knowledge in this sector then you can use CyberLink PowerDirector, AVS Video Editor, Adobe Premiere Elements and many more software for doing the job.

I use Adobe Premiere elements and Adobe After Effect for 2d Animation. Camtasia Studio is renowned for making tutorial videos. This software is also very easy to use, if you are looking for sharing tutorial on your YouTube and make moneys.

But most of the advanced video editing software will cost a lot of money and time to create videos for YouTube. We Prefer using easy to use video editor.

Process of Creating a Video for YouTube 

Creating videos for YouTube is very interesting and easy. You just have to understand the system and then go with it. Once you have mastered with the process of creating new videos with specific and different topic, you will love it.
It is important to come up with a productive idea. You should understand your potential visitors and how they can relate to the subject of your video. You can check the google trends, find some popular YouTube channels for a start to get an idea.

Choose a Topic

First, you need to choose a topic, on which you are going to make a YouTube video. There are various popular topics on the internet. You can choose from your personal interest or the trends. Use Google keyword research tool and Google trends to see the popularity of the topic.find a popular topic for youtube video

If you find your topic, you need to create videos on it. Make a plan how you are going to make videos on them. Or you can proceed with this article on how to make a Youtube video to get the basic ideas. Create a name and topic for the YouTube channel. Determine if you are going to select a broad topic or you will stick with a particular subject.

Like if you are creating football videos, in a broad sense you can choose a channel with “soccer highlights” or you can stick with a specific league named “English Premiere League Highlights”. if

See Article

You can see different articles on the topic; you are going to make Youtube videos. Search it on google and see how popular blogs have written articles on them. Suppose you are creating videos on the topic Juicer recipe. You will have to search juicer recipes like shown in the image.

You have to select your preferred website from the search and read the article. You can point some notes from the article on which you are going to make a Youtube video.

Create Story

Creating the story is very interesting part if you get used to it. You can select some important part of the article, that covers all the aspects of the topic and are very easy to show clearly on videos. Make some point and give one line details on them.select an article and create story for youtube video

Search some similar images (royalty free) if you want some variants. Visualize your points. Are those making sense to the visitors? After a few videos, it will be very easy.

Voice Over

You can make voice over after creating the video part, or make it earlier to help improvise the main video. You just need to read the points with the details. Make sure; your voice catch attention with engaging tone.

If you do not want to give voice-over for your video, you can add text in different part of the video to make it understandable.

Use Explaindio for Video Creation

To make a compelling YouTube video, you need a professional video editing software. Choosing a high-end video editor will cost you a lot of money. Not only that, you will have to learn to edit with the software. This learning can be a long process. There are many cheap video editing software to do pretty decent job for YouTube. Though, some of them are bit hard to learn and will take times to produce a video.

It is better to choose a video editor that is very easy to understand. You do not have to put a lot of efforts to make videos.  And you will find more time to make strategies on making moneys on YouTube. Considering all the aspect, we are progressing with Explaindio. You can use your preferred video editing depending on your needs.

Getting Used to The functions

Explaindio Video Creator comes with some simple features that are very easy to understand. You can make YouTube videos without any hassle with Explaindio. There are unique options that make creating videos that easy. It has different theme packs with different characters.

Creating New Project

When you will create a project with Explaindio, there will be add slide option. Click add slide option, there will be a popup window. The window will ask you for add animated slide from the collection, create a new sketch and add sketch scenes from the library. You will be amazed to lots of animation slides with the collection, which will make your work very easy.

Choosing the Perfect Slide packAdd Animation slide on Explaindio

Select a particular slide that relates to your topic. Each of the slides has different supporting slide to make your story. Suppose you have chosen the Character Businesswoman 2 slide. You will have 8 other supporting slides to construct your story.

Add Your story with the slide if you want to animate a storytelling video. The people will love the way you shared your information, told by a woman. Using these each slide, you can create hundreds of videos.

Use Custom Image for YouTube Video

You can use custom images if necessary with the slides. You can add whiteboard animation and lot of other things to the project to make it more enjoyable. The software will let you make videos for Youtube very easily.

You can use an image to the background. The text over will emphasize the information to the viewers. Make sure the images you use are royalty free to be on the safer side. You will get used to the complete mixing after some usages of Explaindio.

Use Custom Video

If you want to add your shoot video clips inside the project, you can easily do that. The left panel has an option to include videos. You can take a clip of your own, reviewing the topic and include that in the YouTube video.

You can add animation and text over the video. It helps the viewer get a better idea about the topic. And if they find helpful information which are easy to understand, they will refer their friend, and you will have lots of views to your YouTube video.Total Making Money on youtube Process

Create a YouTube Channel

After creating the video or before creating it, you need a YouTube channel to share those. It is very easy to create a channel.

If you do not have a YouTube account, you need to sign up one. If you are signed in with YouTube account, go to the all my channels and setup a new channel. You can see this short note of creating YouTube channel to understand better.

Upload Your Video and Share it on Social Medias

After creating the YouTube channel, then you need to fill up information about your channel. After creating the channel and other medias, you can upload the videos. You need to select a proper title for the video.

Always put information in the description portion. This description and title will help the user and google bot understand your video. Thus, it will rank your video in the Google. Lots of unique visitors will come to watch it through google

You can create social medias related to your channel. Facebook, reedit, Twitter and Pinterest are one of the largest social community where you will get a vast of users.

If they like your video, they will share it and make your video popular. You do not need to market the videos on your own. They will come to see your compelling videos for YouTube.

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