Final Cut Express Review: Efficient Video Editor for Mac

Final Cut Express Review: Efficient Video Editor for Mac

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Final Cut express is perfect for those people who are looking for a video editing software program that is more powerful than iMovie but without the price tag of Final Cut Pro. It also offers some wonderful features to do in depth video editing in mac.

With an impressive range of features this is a considerable step up from iMovie. As you will see in this review Final Cut Express 4 is one of the best video editing software programs available but it does have a learning curve that you need to be aware of.

Final Cut Express Review

Final Cut Express comes with a very easy interface. So, editing and using different tool can be very easy for the newbies along with the experts. It has some important features. Let us find out those in this brief review.

Quick but Efficient Editing Tool

Quick but Efficient Editing ToolFinal Cut express 4 is aimed as a bridge between more basic editing software and the full Final Cut Pro which is used by video professionals everywhere. Final Cut Express lets you quickly and efficiently edits your videos in a way which is considerably more flexible than iMovie.

It is a powerful package but in order to gain the full benefits this software has to offer you will need to invest some real time learning how to maximize it. After few days of learning, you can master this software and create catchy videos easily.

Ability to Mix and Edit IMovie

 If you have been using iMovie in the past you will find that you are able to move over iMovie videos with cuts and cross dissolves. One advantage that Final Cut express has over iMovie is the ability to mix and edit DV, AVCHD and HDV in a single timeline.

So, you do not need an external software to process the video. You can easily drag the video in this excellent video editing software and start editing. This ability to mix and edit IMovie makes Final Cut express a wonderful software for the mac users.

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Special Sound Effect and Editing Option

Many people find that the interface can be a little intimidating at first but once you get used to it you appreciate the thought that has gone into making it functional and compartmentalized by task.

You are able to achieve real movie like sound effects with Final Cut Express which just aren’t possible on iMovie. Echo can be altered so that you really sound like you are in a tunnel.

Powerful Image and Color Adjustment Tools

Powerful Image and Color Adjustment ToolsFinal Cut express comes with a complete range of image adjustment and color correction tools. This provides a great deal of flexibility when you are trying to get just the right look. One of the other nice features is the ability to watch effects in real time.

There is a far greater range of transitions available with Final Cut Express than with iMovie which gives you more flexibility when you are putting your video together.

 Manipulation of Title and Sharing Capacity

Manipulation of titles is also more advance with Final Cut Express. Titles can be positioned where ever you want. The titles can also be tailored and animated in a way that iMovie just doesn’t let you do.

If you are transitioning up from iMovie be aware that it is not the plug and play software that iMovie is. With Final Cuts Express pro, you will want to invest in guide to the software.

You Tube also has some excellent tutorials to teach you the functions of the software package. The documentation that comes with the package isn’t more for reference purposes than for teaching.


  • Easy and flexible tools for editing videos
  • Has the option to process quickly
  • Correct color and adjust image easily with the tools
  • Can deliver excellent output videos with the powerful editing
  • The built-in filter effects and third-party effects works properly
  • Can work with iMovie directly
  • Powerful tool for the mac users to edit videos


  • Some of the issues create problems for the users

Final Thoughts

Final Cut Express is a big step up from iMovie and if you are looking for a serious video editing suite is should be one of your first choices. With many of the same functions as Final Cut Pro it will surely appeal to buyers who are looking for a more sophisticated software package without the heavy price.

New users should be aware that as with Photoshop there is a learning curve. But once mastered the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Editors Rating
  • Editing Options
  • Processing Power
  • User Feiendly
  • Transitions & Effects
  • Supported Formats


The final cut express is an efficient video editing software for mac. This review describes how it helps with quick processing and color enhancement ability.

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