Explaindio Video Assets Combo Review: Creating Videos Gets Easier

The Explaindio Video Assets Combo is the collection of some essential element like image, artwork, animation slides, background and stock photos, cartoon features, etc. Most of the professional marketer, who is producing videos by themselves find a crucial problem in the search for the resource.

To make a compelling video, you need some essential element. As well as, introducing emotion into it. Including emotion in a marketing video is a powerful tool for expressing the story in a visual way. As a result, it helps the people easily connect to your video. And also for the marketer, it creates powerful conversions.

To make perfectly, you need a strong story and the asset to make it. Explaindio Video Creators asset combo can be a great collection for your video. Let us find out more about Explaindio Video Assets in this review section.

Explaindio Video Assets Combo Review

Marketer, who isn’t involved in professional video editing, might find it hard to collect and create the art files for the video. Recognizing these fundamental problems, Explaindio Video Creator is providing a great chance for the marketer to use a big asset of the marketplace to create the video. You can also read our articles on Explaindio Review for information of the software.

We will discuss the key features and elements of Explaindio Video Assets in this section.

Explaindio Video Assets Combo features

Convenient Video and Animation Slides

With the asset combo, you will have 200 animation slides to make compelling videos. You will not only be allowed to make 200 videos with these slides. You can make thousands of videos with just changing the story, and each of them will be unique. 200 animation slides would have cost you more than four thousand dollars.

I loved the 20 videos came with this asset combo. I could easily implement into the Explaindio video creator make fun out of it. At the same time, image animation slides would help me to rethink my ideas and create some excellent videos. You will love the HD videos for the background of Explaindio Video Assets Combo.

Make full use of Whiteboard Sketches

The combo includes some unique, high-quality drawings for whiteboard animations. We all know, explainer videos are the winner of 2016 marketing campaigns. And these assets will bring you the hope of creating unique and professional marketing videos and promotional content very quickly. With the help of the combo, you can create high-quality videos with the top video editing software can create.

You will have more than 1600 drawn sketches to make these awesome whiteboard videos. Not only that, the combo will provide 800 more sketches every month.

With the whiteboard animation, providing information on an understanding level will be very easy. Also, your customer will like to have informative content will bring their trust into you and your company.

 Stock Photos and Character for Making Unique Videos


What I love most about Explaindio is the easy uniqueness I find with this video editing software. It let me create unequaled videos, using unique photos. So, I don’t have to think about getting any penalty for now or in future. And the Explaindio Video Assets Combo is a bigger bonus, considering the 600 high-quality stock photos.

You will love to hear that Explaindio asset combo will provide 300 more photos every month. So, you will not be short of photos to create quality marketing videos. The combo provides 20 cartoon business SVG image for enhancing the explainer videos. But this 20 cartoon character will be given only with the monthly membership.

I love the three animated characters. It helps me to get current ideas implemented in my videos. Now my viewer will not be bored watching the same model again and again.


  • 200 animation slides help to make thousands of unique videos very easily.
  • More than 1600 Sketches to make powerful explainer videos.
  • Unique stock photos will make creating videos easier.
  • New animation characters to make videos in a different environment.
  • The combo pack helps to create catchy videos and boost conversions.


  • Lacks sound items.

Final Verdict

I love what I get from this cheap Explaindio Video Assets Combo packs. And all of these photos and cartoons comes with a very low price. Also, it makes me create newer kind of videos that would give more fun to my visitors. They would feel the quality into my videos. And with the boost of trust comes bigger conversion.

With the implement of this pack, creating a video with Explaindio video creator will be more easy and comfortable. So, you will have more supports to convert your story into visual.

The combo pack doesn’t include sound element, but what we get from this is more than enough for this low price. I am very pleased with this item of Explaindio; I would suggest other to buy it.

Expert Review


Explaindio Video Assets Combo is a great enhancing packs for the users who is using Explaindio Video Creator. It comes with useful images, video and characters to make catchy unique videos.

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