Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate Review

Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate Review

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Fancy yourself as a Hollywood, movie editor? Or maybe you’d want to work with a hell-raising band on their next music video. Or perhaps you want to build a sweet looking portfolio of ass kicking videos that would grab the eyeballs (and keep them glued) of a big shot director.

Well even if you think I’m being far-fetched and am way over my head. The fact is, it’d be pretty damn cool to produce sexy videos that leave people breath taken.

Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate Review

Well, that is something you could end up doing with a cute little software. No, I’m not kidding you. Here’s look at the cool features and options of this video editor below.

Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate

Fast Processing Speed and Sharing Option

If you think Usain Bolt’s fast, you’re in for a shock. With this best video editing software, you match the cheetah boy’s speed, at least on the computer. Forget Window’s crappy movie editor. You can load, organize and trip your clips dead fast.

And it’s all thanks to the unmatched AVCHD acceleration feature. And of course, you can flaunt your wares on Corel’s sharing site for free. Well, you could even save 2D clips in 3D and upload them to YouTube.

Easy to Use

Easy to UseCorel VideoStudio Pro is easy to use right from the start. You can access common editing tools from a workplace that is flexible. You have the option to use dual monitors for the rearrangement of the entire editing process.

This enhances the timeline and the library too. The user can find all the information needed easily as everything is organized neatly. The upgraded timeline makes it simple for the user to apply desired transitions, filters and titles to various tracks.

Color and Motion Fixer

It’s hellishly boring to hunt down the usual problems your videos give you. And most the time, they’d take an age and a half to fix them up. But this best video editing software allows you to locate the agonizing color, feedback and lighting problems and cut them away. And no, you won’t end up butchering the final product. This sweet little feature’s called the prod AD Mercalli SE.

The Boris Graffiti 5.3 is like the great Becker himself. You can add to-die-for 3D titles, subtitles and captions to spice up your videos. If you thought PowerPoint had badass text editing capabilities, you were wrong.

Lots of Royalty Free Sound Clips and Animation Pack

Lots of Royalty Free Sound Clips and Animation PackHere’s a nifty little secret for you. Every professional videographer is a blatant thief. They don’t create any fancy sounds to go with their videos. Because if they tried, they’d ruin everything. And they know it. That’s why they fancy video editing software, like the Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate. After all, it comes with 250 odd royalty-free (so nobody can sue your ass) soundtracks. And they’re better than anything you’d come up with.

How would you like to produce animation that’d make Spielberg proud? Listen, the whole idea is to make life easy for you.

 Anything beats spending gazillion hours staring at the screen, only to produce horse crap. That’s why the inbuilt animation system allows you to tinker with anything – from clay figurines to toys, to anything under the sun. It’s what the Stop Motion feature is for.

Create Time Lapse Photography

I’ve always been thoroughly mesmerized by videos that encapsulate gorgeous sunsets in mere seconds… Or long events (like the growth of a child) in a couple of minutes.

You do know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Those crazy fast clips that don’t miss out on a single intricate detail? Just imagine how the Time-lapse Photography feature could help you create almost magical videos.

Support and Help

The company of this core video editor ensures that its customers get the best global support whenever they need it. The user gets telephone support until 7 pm (EST) and the benefits of a thorough knowledge base. This software application also comes with a printed manual that is simple and easy to understand.

For individuals who usually take more time to get accustomed to using new software, this application provides them with some tutorials so that they face no difficulties when using the interface.


  • Enhanced by Smart Proxy & NVIDIA Technology
  • Unique and Flexible Workplace
  • Cutting edge technology for Video Capture/Playback
  • Create high-quality soundtracks with Smart Sound
  • Stop Motion Animation and Time Lapse Effects


  • If your computer’s slow, this best video editing software will cause it to crash.

Final Thoughts

The Corel VideoStudio Pro gives you a lot of freedom when you are making videos and movies. With this software interface, you will discover more than a dozen ways to create new high definition and top quality videos.

But it is also fantastic value for money. It’s a good bang for the buck, and it’ll spice up your videos. Plus, as I said, the tutorials make everything dead simple to operate. Great price, great software, great experience.

There is a host of advanced features that make the creation of movies and videos a fun filled task minus the hard work. Not only can you create transitions and effects but you get the much-needed support from Corel when you need it!

Editor Rating
  • Editing Tools
  • Ease of Use
  • Transitions & Effects
  • Supported Formats
  • Speed of Process


The corel VideoStudio pro comes with a Flexible Workplace Cutting edge tech, high-quality soundtracks and Time Lapse Effects. This is one of the top quality video editors for its effects and options.

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