AVS Video Editor Review: Edit Videos Like a Pro

The AVS Video Editor is great software for enhancing the quality of a video clip by including hundreds of effects and transitions. You can use this video editor for editing videos like a professional.  Also, this software is perfect for enhancing home videos.

It is a perfect software for improving home videos and give it a professional look. In addition, It can create beautiful and amazing videos that your whole family will enjoy. This software has a facility to work with a broad range of media file types and will help you get your video editing jobs done quickly. The developer of this video editing software is Online Media Technologies.

Though this video editing software has some minor lacks, but it will do the job perfectly with the powerful feature and easy to use user panel.

AVS Video Editor Review: Features, Pros and Cons

This review will detail what this software can do for you, what I like, what I don’t like and whether or not I think you should buy it. I am writing this review because this is a fantastic piece of software.


Features of AVS Video Editor

This software allows you to create amazing videos, which have your custom touch. You should look to them with having the feel of it. As part of an 18 title software set, this video editor follows in the footsteps of similar software offerings by the same company.

You can tell it is from AVS the moment you start using it and the easy navigation of the controls is inherent to the software brand. You can expect the following features to be a part of your AVS Video Editor experience.

Fast Processing with Screen Capture and Other Options

High Definition Video Editing is much quicker in this software version. So, You can edit HD videos much faster than before. The previous users of this program will be delighted with the new found speed along with the user-friendly panel. Therefore, you can have a heavy workload at a time without any worry.

New screen capture technology allows you to create videos using the images on your computer screen. In addition, this is ideal for computer training videos and demonstrations. As a result, you do not need external software for screen recording.

Directly from the AVS Video program interface, you can upload your newly created movies to Facebook, Myspace, wherever it is on the Internet that you want them to go.

Utilize the Trim Cut and Merge Options for Quick Editing

The software has a very clear control panel to access the core editing options. So, no matter how professional you are, you can always use the basic effects without any help from the tutorials.

You can trim, split, merge, cut, with the feature for rotate and mix videos very efficiently. Also, you can get to use a timeline and storyboard to make sure your videos turn out just the way you want them. These simple tools will help you to make simple videos for marketing and YouTube channel very easily.

Add music to your videos as well! Musical renditions aren’t possible with all video editing software but AVS has this ability.

Can Process Different Kinds of Files

This excellent video editor lets you work with various formats of videos. Therefore, you can save your files in AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, H.263/H.264 codecs and more.

There is a full list of supported file types at the AVS Video Editor website. Also, it process Blu-ray videos as well. This software has the technology to allow for this kind of media editing as well.

DV-, web- or VHS-cameras to the hard drive is also a possibility. With having the ability to transfer these files to your computer this software can make them into MPEG files quite easily.

Vast Numbers of Effects to Work With

The main reason I like working with AVS. You will be glad to understand that there are over 300 different effects. You can apply to your videos and enhance the quality. Gone are the days of mundane and predictable video ensembles.

These effects will make your average clips into professional ones. Though working with these effects will sometimes take unlike the Explaindio, but if you want in-depth editing, this is the tool.

People will like to see your videos with the smart and lucrative effects on it. You get free reign to create amazing animations and video effects that are as simple as a click of the mouse button.

What Do I Like About AVS Video Editor?

This program is very easy for beginners. Though he custom panel may seem little difficult at first, it will get along if you give it times. There is a very easy learning curve associated with using the program, and you do not need to learn much to get used to it. With over 300 effects, you can create beautiful and seamless videos that look like a professional did them. This program just makes it so easy to create outstanding visual effects that it will indeed surprise you.

You can expect all this and more from the AVS Video, Audio and Image suite. You get 18 different programs to use, each with their unique offerings in the world of media conversion and editing. This program is great but getting to use the full scope of this company’s programs is the real treat.Effects of AVS Video Editor

What Do I Not Like About AVS Video Editor?

There isn’t much not to like. The program does what it’s supposed to do and gives you tons of options on how you want to edit your videos. You can save them in a variety of formats and get the job done quickly. But if AVS can come up with an AVS Video Editor for Mac and Linus users, that would be great.

Final Verdict

Yes! As part of the 18 program package of programs, this represents just one of the fantastic program offerings. The video editing capability of this software is excellent and with it. Also, you can create expert looking custom videos quite easily. It is one of the best professional video editors in our expert opinion.

Though this video editing software has some minor lacks, it will do the job perfectly with the powerful feature and easy to use user panel. So, we suggest this video editor for enhancing the quality of a clip.

With a mid-range price for a lifetime of program upgrades and updates, this software can’t be beaten. It is worth it to purchase them all, hence, you won’t find a better deal on such a lavish program suite anywhere else on the Internet.

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