Adobe Premiere Elements Review: Honest Opinion

Adobe Premiere Elements is renowned as one of the best video editing software programs. It comes with many tools to help you build good videos right from your PC. Whether you do this professionally or for home and personal use, you will find that Adobe has the features to meet your video production needs.

Some of the features that we found impressive are the ability to fix imperfections in audio and video tracks; capacity to add effects and transitions and to pan or zoom on still images.

And there are many other outstanding features, and you can also create high definition movies and upload them to YouTube directly or burn them to a disk. And Adobe is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems

Adobe Premiere Elements Review

Adobe Premiere Elements is software that has been designed for those users who are looking for a professional video editing interface that don’t have the time to sit hours upon hours examining various tutorials. This software is not only straightforward but very simple to use.

Key features of Adobe Premiere Elements

Lots of Effects to Enhance the Video

Adobe provides many effects, filters, and transitions which allow you to make your video appear to be a cartoon. And you can add other effects like a butterfly that follows the subject on the screen. And all you do to add these features is just by dragging and dropping.

audio and media support of adobe premiere elemetsHave the Option to Analyze the Categories

It allows you to group your clips into categories such as people, places, travel and many others. And you can analyze the lighting, audio, contrast and motion in your clips. And Instant Movie then allocates scenes for your project and places them in the right order, based on your script.

Excellent Audio and Video Tracks

With Adobe Premiere Elements, you can add many audio and video tracks. And it shows the tracks in either timeline or storyboard mode, and it’s easy to switch between the two.

Adobe also has many options for fixing audio problems including polish, mute, cleaner and others. And it supports track mixing, cross-fading, trimming and 5.1 surround sound.

There are many other options in Adobe Premiere Elements, and we recommend you visit their site below to see and test them.

Elements Organizer and Smart Tagging

The Elements Organizer helps the user retrieve data whenever required. This smart tagging option makes work easy and gives the user the benefit of automatic importing. Another notable feature of this software interface is Instant Movie that coordinates titles, music, effects and transitions in the correct order based on the script of the user.

Easy to Use

Adobe Premiere Elements has some amazing software capabilities that were only available to professionals a few years ago. This is the ideal software for beginners to learn and pick up professional skills in a short span of time.Easy to Use Control Panel

The tagging clips of this software help you in a comprehensive manner to tag clips into specialized categories like people, travel, events or any term that the user defines. It is another feature that makes editing videos very easy.
Using this editor is really easy. The editing panel is not as easy as we saw in explaindio, but easier than many other editors. You just have to drag and drop and see how it works. You just need some days to get used to this software.

Supported Formats

Adobe is compatible with many file formats both for importing and exporting. The most significant ones are AVCHD (import and export), Blu-ray Disc, DV-AVI, DVD, Dolby Digital Stereo, H.264, MPEG-1 (import only), MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, QuickTime and Windows Media (Windows only).

It also allows you to import files from your camera or camcorder, and you can easily upload your projects to Facebook and YouTube.

Help & Support

It is very easy to contact the Adobe team by email if you have a question or need help with your software. And they also provide tutorials that help you get started and other various topics such as importing and exporting of files, customizing themes and capturing videos. And there is a searchable FAQ section for the video editing software.


  •  The video editing software has a simple interface.
  •  You can add different effects to make video appealing.
  •  Lots of text tool to enhance the video.
  •  Controlling the effects are easy and precise.
  •  Powerful audio editing option with the editor.
  •  The editor has guides to make things easy.


  •  Doesn’t have a 3D editing feature.
  •  No cam feature with the software.

Our Verdict

Adobe is a name that invokes trust and reliability. Coupled with Premiere Elements you are able to get enhanced and professional quality without any trouble. When it comes to functionality, simplicity, and quality, Adobe Premiere Elements does not disappoint.

The movies you create are something you will be proud of while showing them off to friends and family. Even if you are an amateur, this software gives you the best scope to make movies that look and feel professional.

  • Editing Tools
  • Supported Formats
  • Ease of Use
  • Help & Support
  • Price


With some excellent effects and lots of audio and video support, Adobe Premier Elements is a great video editing software for in depth editing.

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