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Best Video Editing Software is a review and comparison site featuring the top video editing software. Our goal is to help you find the right video editing software for your video production projects. And we’ve done that by ranking them on their features and tools and overall customer service.

Best Professional Video Editing Software Reviews

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Our Purpose of Providing Reviews on Best Video Editing Software

We know the trouble people go through looking for the right video editing software and one of the main causes is that there are many in the market to choose from and all the features and tools appear to be the same. However, from what we’ve seen in our reviews, there are some significant differences between the products and we know you don’t want to be stuck with a product that doesn’t allow you to express your full creativity. And considering the cost of video editing software, it’s crucial that you get your first purchase right. Our support and editor teams went through a lot of research to find out the main features of different video editors to help you find the best.

Top 3 Best Best Video Editing Software Comparison

Check out the feature comparison of the best video editing software above. Let’s find out the best video editing for your exercise.

  • CyberLink PowerDirector

  • Advanced Effects
  • Easy Interface
  • Color Fixing Option
  • Motion Tracking Feature
  • Work on High Frame Rate

  • Explaindio Video Creator

  • Easiest Video Creator
  • Hundreds of Effects
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • HD Background Video
  • Cartoon Characters

  • Adobe Premiere Elements

  • Easy Control Panel
  • Lots of Advanced Effects
  • Has Organizer Elements
  • Video Enhancer
  • Identify Category to Work

Best Professional Video Editing Software Reviews

CyberLink PowerDirector

Editor Rating:

CyberLink PowerDirector is the one of the most efficient video editing software. It has an incredible capacity to edit videos. Cyberlink can improve the quality of a video utilizing different features. These features will also help you with adding different effects. For the different effects and features, professional video editors love this software.

Video editors like CyberLink PowerDirector. Its simple user interface makes editing easier. You don’t have to give enough time to learn this software. It has a simple editing panel. You can also use the easy and user manual.

You can also operate this software from your smartphone. So, you do not need to interrupt when you are away. The application will keep doing the editing.

  • Modern and easy to operate interface
  • Has the color fixing option to stabilize video
  • Has the motion tracking feature
  • Can work on film with higher frame rate
  • Has content aware function

Editor Rating:

Explaindio Video Creator is a super easy video editing software. It can create attractive and professional looking videos within few minutes of work. Most of the people love the easy control panel. And also, options to make marketing, promotional and informative explainer videos. It’s easy-to-use video editors for the newbies.


Explaindio comes with whiteboard sketch and animation features. You can also use the animation themes and slides to create business videos. The whiteboard feature is easy to use. It has lots of hand image and other images to produces tons of unique explainer videos.

You can use a vast amount of themes and audio track to create videos. Some simple click with this excellent video editing software will do. The easiness options of Explaindio is the reason for the buzz. It is one of most popular video editing software in 2015-16.

  • Whiteboard tools with functionary
  • High definition video for backgrounds
  • Video importing feature
  • Different hand written sketches with the asset
  • Easy to operate 2d animation function
  • High amount of assets and themes

 Adobe Premiere Elements

Editor Rating:

Adobe Premiere Elements is famous for its advanced support for HD videos. Also, for the different effects to work with it. With recent updates, Adobe Premiere Elements have improved lot of features. It has become more user-friendly for in-depth video editing. It is considered to be a top professional video editing software.

This excellent video editing software comes with a user-friendly interface. People who have worked with other Adobe software will get used to it with ease. It has three models of element editing. I just loved these Quick, Guided and Expert options for my different tasks. It made my purpose a lot easier.

Adobe Premiere Elements comes with 4k support. It has excellent audio tools for implementing it in the videos. You can simply add motion titles with this professional video editor.

  • The control panel is easy to operate
  • Advanced effects to enhance video quality
  • Have the ability to examine the categories
  • Great video and audio files to work on
  • Comes with an organizer for elements

Editor Rating:

The AVS Video Editor is an excellent choice for easy orienting professionals. If you are looking for a best easy to operate video editing software. This video editor will provide hundreds of video effects and options. These will improve the quality of your existing videos.

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor have different transition and stabilizing effects to edit hundreds of videos. It will enhance your footages with stabilizing the shakiness. And also, will give a professional look with advanced effects and transitions.

The professional video editing software is not best for advanced film making. Rather, it will help the video marketer with the improvement of short footage. The easy to use feature is the main benefit of this video editor.

  • Fast video processing ability process videos faster
  • Screen capture option to take images form the video
  • Quick editing tool for faster and minimal editing
  • Large number of effects to work on
  • Have the ability to process different category videos

Corel VideoStudio

Editor Rating:

Corel VideoStudio has been the best video editing software for the enthusiast editors. It will help editing with the decent amount of effect and transition. This professional video editor is famous for it’s easy to learnability. More than 500 effects with the Corel VideoStudio library helps to make engaging videos.

Corel VideoStudio comes with 21 tracks to build your video project. It may not be enough for making a long movie, but if you are looking to make short videos. Product promotions, or advertisement videos, then this editor is an excellent choice.

I loved the storyboard and timeline combination of this editor for serving purposes. Storyboard will provide easy to understand options for making videos. It is excellent for beginners. Timeline is for advanced video editor, who are looking for a professional video.

  • Customizable effects for adding preferred style
  • Has a Multi-Camera Editor for covering different angles
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Can edit movies on the timeline
  • Have the ability to share a movie in minutes
  • Bonus Premium Effect Packs for advanced editing

Editor Rating:

Sony Vegas Pro is renowned of the advanced upgrade o Sony Vegas Movie Studio. It comes with advanced feature and options to do in-depth professional video editing. This editor comes with stereoscopic 3D editing. It also supports for 4K video and remarkable media management.

Sony Vegas Pro

This professional editor is packed with special effects. It has and easy to cut video option. Sony Vegas Pro is like three software’s in one. An excellent video editing software, good DVD authoring. It also comes with great audio options for editing your audio. The sound editing produces high end audio software. Such as Equalizer, Reverb, Noise Filter and much more.

You will also love the audio effects with enhanced audio control. With a little more to pay, you will have all the options available with Sony Vegas Pro. It is one of the best video editing software for professionals.

  • Can edit and produce professional videos
  • Lots of audio and video effects to work on
  • Different filters for easy editing
  • Easy drag and drop option
  • Support different kinds of formats
  • Professional features for advanced editing

  • AVS Video Editor

  • Faster Video Processing
  • Lots of Effects
  • Has Screen Capture Option
  • Fast Quick Editing Tool
  • Identify Category

  • Corel Video Studio

  • Customizable Effects
  • Multi-Camera Editing
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Timeline Movie Edit
  • Advanced Sharing Capacity

  • Sony Vegas Pro

  • Extensive Video Effects
  • Extensive Audio Effects
  • Up to 40x video velocity
  • Easy Masking Tool
  • Support different formats

How to choose the best video editing software?

Choosing any product is quite a difficult task. And if it is software, then it might be the most difficult one to get the best one. In the recent video editing software market, thousands of software is available.

Video editors are often found to be confused while choosing the best video editing software within a limited budget. In the article, some tips will be given which would be very helpful for the people in selecting the best video editing software.

Buyer guide for the best video editing software

Buyer guide for the best video editing software

For choosing the best video editing software, there are some factors which are to be considered in order to get the best one from the market. The factors will be discussed below.

Manage budgets for the software

The most important factor are to make a plan for the budget. In the market, the video editing software is available within 10 dollars to 2000 dollars. So, if the buyer is a beginner, then he/she shouldn’t go for the high priced software. Usually, the priced software’s have a lot of unique features. But, those are quite difficult to understand for a beginner. Some of the software is available within 50 dollars. These cheap video editing software are designed for the beginner. Therefore, a beginner should buy any of those best cheap video editing software. On the other hand, an expert should choose the software considering the features. Because that person might need to handle one or more particular types of video editing task.

Operating system supported the software

You need to check the support PC from the manual before buying the software. Because a buyer may purchase software, which requires the Windows 7 operating system but he/she doesn’t have that operating system on his/her PC.

Import and export file formats

You need to consider the file formats of both import and export files. The particular software shows better performance for some suitable formats of video. So, the buyer should choose the software considering the file format which matches with the data he/she uses. The best video editing software will support most of the file formats.

Set the audio and video effects

Every professional video editing software varies with the others. They provide different audio and video effects. Feature panels show these different implications in the particular software. Choosing software considering this factor would be a wise decision.

Use bundled software

A buyer should always choose bundled software. Because bundled software contains all the necessary features required for video editing. Choosing this type of editing software will reduce the expenses to some extent. As different types of video editing task can be done with one single software package.

Use software that suits your basic

The available software is classified based on the type of user. The three primary classifications are- beginner, intermediate, and expert. So, the buyer should consider this fact while choosing video editing software. Different video editing software are best for their individual features. You just have to match your needs with the provided one.

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It is quite clear from the discussion that choosing the best video editing software is not a tough task. You just need to consider the important factors. Review all the aspect before buying one. Some software is very cheap in price but, can use same as professional. Some software good work for the beginner and it’s free.

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